Ivory Coast: More than 20 die in severe floods

Source: Fides

At least 20 deaths have been reported due to flooding caused by torrential rain overnight, between 18 and 19 June, in Abidjan. Among the worst hit areas of the Ivorian economic capital is the municipality of Cocody, where many residents perched on the roofs of their homes, while dozens of people were welcomed in the local 'Holy Family' parish.

Many other parishes are accommodating flood survivors, but several parish buildings have been badly damaged by the floods. Unexpectedly heavy rain poured down from 11pm on Monday night to 6am on Tuesday.

Church commentators say the weather conditions are not the only cause of the disaster. Many parts of the country have very poor of totally non-existent drainage and sewerage systems. The massive increase in population over the past few years, epecially in areas like that of Riviera Palmeraie, part of the municipality of Cocody, built on a sandy-clayey soil, unable to absorb large amounts of rain have exacerbated the problem.

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