Letter: Venerable Mary Potter

Ven Mary Potter

Ven Mary Potter

Dear ICN

Interesting your report on Mary Potter procession in Nottingham.

Disappointed though that no mention was made of her early life in Southsea, Portsmouth, Hampshire. She moved to Southsea with her mother from London and the house where she lived is located in a well known Southsea street. Her vocation was actually formed in Southsea after she had read 'True Devotion to Mary' by St Louis De Montfort. People who noticed her at the time realized she had a deeply spiritual life but because of this tittle tattle came about relating to her!

There are montage pictures of her in St Johns Cathedral Portsmouth and St Swithuns Church, Southsea describing her life here and afterwards. One is entitled 'A Saint from Southsea?'

Full details of her life in Southsea are documented in the books already written about her and a friend of ours (RIP) would take pilgrims devoted to her to places associated with her life here. His wife was writing another book on her; however I do not know if it was completed as she was becoming quite elderly and frail. She had however given talks to us on Mary Potters life at Ascent meetings in St Swithuns Church Hall Southsea!

During a period when I walked to work past near the location of the house she lived in I would often remember her in my prayer and ask for her help. Perhaps Nottingham would benefit from knowing about the early origins of her vocation!

Robert Steward

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