Syria: Pax Christi comments on military strikes

In the wake of this morning's attacks on Syria by the US, UK and Francis, Pax Christi International issued this statement:

"Pax Christi International deeply believes that the possible air attacks by the US and its allied countries shouldn't be the response to this recent chemical weapons attack because they will cause further suffering of innocent Syrian civilians and could escalate into a wider conflict between countries.

"We fear that in these last days the war in Syria has reached a dangerous turning point with violence-inciting rhetoric and call upon world leaders to immediately stop any further military steps. It is our view that a fully inclusive and nonviolent political process through diplomacy and dialogue is the only way to end this brutal conflict…"

Attacking Assad: to do or not to do.

Professor Paul Rogers wrote in Open Democracy on 13 April: There is no easy, immediate and clear-cut alternative, and the situation is made worse by the current antagonism between the west and Russia. By far the strongest argument against attacks is that war will most likely make matters much worse. Nevertheless, some other approaches can be recommended…
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More bombs in Syria will help no one.

Professor f Maryann Cusimano Love wrote in America Magazine on 9 April: There are many ways the United States can help: President Trump can increase US humanitarian aid; accept refugees from Syria; help frontline states Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt and Iraq minister to the victims; press for humanitarian access corridors so aid can reach the war-torn Syrian population; and press for the implementation of a ceasefire to accompany the start of peace talks.

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