Travels of a Social Justice Co-ordinator in Scotland

  • Danny Sweeney

With Christmas and New Year my recent travels have been a bit truncated! This wasn't helped by the winter weather (which is back with the #BeastfromtheEast currently settling over the country!) and my car windscreen splitting on my way back from Elgin. I did go, for the second time on Ash Wednesday up to Faslane with members of the Glasgow Catholic Worker. While it was 'slightly raining' in Glasgow when we set off by the time we got up to Faslane it was almost 'Noah-esque' levels of rain (and we even got a rainbow on the way back!!)

I was struck by the unique circumstances at Faslane, that Scotland; a nation which as a people and a Parliament have rejected nuclear arms, and yet their presence is maintained on our soil. We gathered in the carpark, marked with ash, like so many in churches and schools were doing, calling for repentance against the power to destroy life, and our own repentance as we begin the journey of Lent. This witness at Faslane, regularly performed by both Glasgow Catholic Worker, SCANA, and the permanent peace camp always makes me think of the prophets of the Old Testament - pleading, shouting, and imploring the people of Israel to turn back to God and give up on destruction. The Nobel Peace Prize awarded last year to ICAN, and the Ban Treaty being taken up by the United Nations make the abolition of these weapons seem closer than ever before.

My other journey (not related to work) came after a text from my parents who having "just been to have a look" had adopted a new puppy from a rescue centre…… (this in only mentioned as a picture of a snowy dog seems appropriate given the weather!!) Everyone take care over the next few days!

Danny (Social Justice Co-ordinator)

Justice and Peace Scotland February Newsletter

This 2018 Helensburgh CND Conference will show that the people of Scotland are endangered by the various known hazards associated with nuclear weapons regardless of whether or not anyone ever actually pushes the button. Radioactive materials are transported on Scottish roads, from airports and on railways, and air and water in Scotland are contaminated by radioactive elements and processes.
Helensburgh Parish Church Halls, Colquhoun Street, Helensburgh, G84 8UP - register to attend at the link :

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