Jesuit cancer research scientist receives top award

Fr Sumeth Perera SJ

Fr Sumeth Perera SJ

Fr Sumeth Perera SJ has been awarded a distinguished Oxford doctorate in genetics. Fr Perera, who is a member of the Sri Lanka Province, has been studying in Britain since 2012, first for an MRes in Biochemistry at Imperial College London, and then at Campion Hall Oxford for doctoral studies focussing on cancer research.

"Cancer treatments are becoming increasingly sophisticated," he explains, "but there are still major gaps in our understanding of how treatments work and why they don't always block cancer growth. One of those gaps is how cancer secreted nano-vesicles (exosomes) function, and the new phenomenon I have discovered here, called 'exosome switching', may ultimately influence the ways that we treat cancer patients and recognise whether treatments are working."

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