Watch: Westminster Balfour Declaration event - film

More than 1,200 people filled Central Hall Westminster for the Balfour Project's commemoration of the centenary of the Balfour Declaration, 'Britain's Broken Promise - Time for a New Approach' on 31 October. The organisers have now posted up a film or the entire event, as well as a booklet of extracts from the 18 speeches at the Central Hall event.

The booklet also contains the Balfour Centenary Declaration, now signed by 118 British public figures including 71 Members of Parliament, proposing policies which the British Government could adopt in the best interests of both the Israeli and Palestinian people; and a statement by 23 prominent Israelis calling on the British Government to recognise the State of Palestine.

To read the booklet, or watch a film of the whole Central Hall event see:

Hard copies of the booklet can also be ordered through the site.

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