Appeal from India for rosaries, medals and holy pictures

Honorable Friends In Christ

I am D.Srinivas (D.Prakash), Secretary of Rosary Prayer Society, K.savaram , Andhra Pradesh, India.

First, allow me to express bouquet of gratitude for the wonderful service you render. This is to bring to your kind notice that Undrajavaram Mandal consists of 15 Villages. The people are very poor as they are mainly coolies. Their standard of living is very low. There is no transport facility to the villages for close to ten kms. The general conditions of life of people here are so desperately low that survival itself is a fragile matter. For these peoples specially we work with people with leprosy for faith formation to spread God's word to all with the help of Rosaries. Now we want some more Rosaries.

These people, however, are very pious Catholics and are regular for religious observances. Their faith is deep rooted and they have a very special devotion to Mother Mary. The number of people who come together for Rosary is increasing day by day. I observed that most of these people do not have a rosary with them. Even the parish where I am working is a traditional parish. I am planning to start the region of Mary at these places. It will be highly encouraging for them to own a Rosary and pray with that powerful instrument. Many have asked me Rosaries but I couldn't give them because of lack of Rosaries.

May I request you to kindly send me some Rosaries, Medals and Pictures of Mother Mary so that I can distribute them among the people and spread the devotion to Mother Mary. Thanking you for your generous work and awaiting your favourable intervention. May God bless you in all your endeavours.

Thank you for your kind consideration and favourable reply,

Yours in Christ


[email protected]

D.No.2-223,Teachers Colony,
Near Gamini Tex Tiles, West Godavari District,
Andhra Pradesh,India

(A Bonafide Non-Profit Social Service Organisation) (Registered Under 1860 Act Of AP) REGD No.291/2014

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