Heythrop to host Network for Researchers in Catholic Education conference

Heythrop College

Heythrop College

The Network for Researchers in Catholic Education celebrates its first anniversary this month. On September 19th and 20th Heythrop College is hosting the first annual conference for the Network for Researchers in Catholic Education. The theme of the conference is 'developing research in Catholic education. Over the two days there will be over 30 researchers presenting papers on almost every aspect of Catholic education.

During the first day of the conference there will be an opportunity to mark out that it is now one year since the Network for Researchers in Catholic Education was inaugurated.

At this major conference there will be academics and advocates of Catholic education from all the Catholic HEIs in England, from Glasgow University and many Irish universities.

There will be an informal reception to mark the first anniversary, starting at 4.30pm on Tuesday 19th at Heythrop.

A significant feature of the conference is that the three keynote speakers (all female) show the rich insights that female researchers are bringing to the field of Catholic education studies.

The conference is being hosted by the Heythrop Institute of Religion and Society (HIRS). The Director of HIRS, Michael Kirwan SJ states that "I am deeply proud of the way Heythrop even its final year is continuing to contribute to the life of the Church and the academic study of Catholic education."

For further details please contact Dr Sean Whittle email: s.whittle@heythrop.ac.uk

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