CSAN welcomes report discouraging 'upselling' of food

The Royal Society for Public Health has released a report warning that the public is being encouraged to buy larger portions of unhealthy food. The practice, known as ‘upselling’, involves persuading the customer to buy something additional or more expensive than they otherwise would have bought. The report concluded that every three days we are offered an extra or larger portion of food or drink that is high in fat, salt or sugar.

Commenting on the report, Phil McCarthy, CEO of Caritas Social Action Network, said: “We welcome the RSPH’s concerns about food retailers encouraging the public to upgrade to unnecessarily large meals and the resulting increased food waste and the potential effects on health. The dignity of consumers must be protected, and we welcome the recommendations which reward businesses that try to improve the public’s health.

The Royal Society for Public Health’s report can be found here: www.rsph.org.uk/our-work/policy/obesity.html

Visit CSAN's website: www.csan.org.uk

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