Kenya: CAFOD reports on court decision to annul election result

Catherine Ogolla

Catherine Ogolla

By: Catherine Ogolla

Catherine Ogolla, CAFOD’s Country Representative for Kenya, sent this report from Nairobi:

“The decision of the court is historic as it is the first ruling of its kind to be made not just in Kenya, but across Africa. It sets a precedent that peace can prevail through legal means following a contentious election.

"We join the Kenyan Catholic Bishops’ Conference in applauding the decision to take this to the Supreme Court. By respecting the constitution and seeking recourse through the courts, the democratic system has been strengthened.

“In Nairobi, the response to the decision has so far been peaceful. Supporters of the decision could be heard in the streets when the Chief Justice, David Maraga, read out the Court’s decision. Hundreds of Raila Odinga’s supporters have turned up on the streets of Nairobi to celebrate the Court’s ruling.

“Police decked in full riot gear stood by their water cannons and watched as supporters lay prostrate on the city’s streets. These scenes have been taking place across the country”.

“As Kenyans go back to the polls after 60 days, we call on all parties involved to conduct campaigns that will be devoid of violence.

“The Kenyan people need a sustained commitment to peace and good governance which can only be achieved through peaceful and transparent elections. The world is watching as we face this crucial moment in the country’s democracy and we cannot afford for the social fabric of Kenyan society to be ripped apart by violence.”

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