CAP: Autumn Statement means poor get poorer while rich escape scot free

Church Action on Poverty has responded to the government's Autumn Statement by highlighting how the incomes of the poorest are hardest hit - by far - whilst the wealthy escape scot free.

The Statement announced further years of pain ahead, as the economy adjusts to the likely impact of Brexit. An economic policy grounded in social justice might have sought to place the greatest burden on those most able to bear it. But, yet again, it is the poorest who are being called on to shoulder the greatest pain.

As the independent Institute for Fiscal Studies has shown, the cumulative impact of tax and benefit reforms are clear and unambiguous. The incomes of the poorest are hardest hit - by far - whilst the wealthy escape scot free.

The freeze on benefits will leave the poorest families around £350 per year worse off, but leave the incomes of middle earners and the wealthiest in society
untouched. Those who are currently only 'just about managing' already have bare wallets, bare cupboards, and mounting bills to pay. How can they be expected to take a further £7 out of their weekly budget?

Church Action on Poverty Director Niall Cooper commented: "It cannot be right that it is these families who are being asked to make yet another sacrifice,
when their wealthier neighbours are not being asked to do likewise. For many it will mean increased debt, worse diets, no chance of a holiday for the forseeable future. For some it will mean a trip to the food bank. When, as a nation, will we start to exercise some genuine Christian compassion?"

Church Action on Poverty is a national ecumenical Christian social justice charity, committed to tackling poverty in the UK. CAP works in partnership with churches and with people in poverty themselves to Close the Gap between rich and poor, and challenge the stigmatisation of people in poverty.

More analysis of the Statement is available from the Free Churches' Joint Public Issues Team at:

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