Human rights watchdog says proposed date for demolition of Calais Jungle 'too soon'

Jacques Toubon, France's 'defender of rights' who deals with complaints of discrimination and citizens' rights has voiced grave concern over the proposed date for demolition of the Calais jungle, saying it is too soon. He said: "The destruction of all the camps and facilities in hard could begin on October 17.....the sheltering of unaccompanied minors is still not operational... I am very concerned about the fate of all exiles living in Calais."

Up to 1,000 unaccompanied minors could be left to fend for themselves when the camp is bulldozed. The French authorities have made no plans to rehouse them. Commentators have said they are hoping to force Britain to honour a promise to help child refugees.

Around 400 unaccompanied youngsters in the camp, some of whom have relatives in the UK, have already been identified as having a legal right to come to Britain. In May, David Cameron announced that Britain would accept as many as 3,000 unaccompanied minors. James Brokenshire, immigration minister at the time, said Britain had "a moral duty to help."

However, Home Office figures reveal that by mid-September, only 30 children had arrived under the scheme.

The Home Office has not responded to enquiries to date.

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