London: Chance to hear Sr Megan Rice, veteran peace campaigner

Sr Megan Rice and Paul Magno of Transform Now Plowshares will be in London this Thursday, taking part in a roundtable discussion at the London Catholic Worker House, in Haringay.

Sister Megan is an 85 year old member of the Society of the Holy Child. She said: "Three years ago, at 82, carrying a backpack and a deeply held conviction that the United States was breaking international law by quietly keeping up a multibillion-dollar nuclear weapons program, she took part in a middle-of-the-night break-in to a high security nuclear facility in Tennessee - an action that was later described as the largest security breach in American atomic history.

Rice's non-violent anti-nuclear action, which involved walking through a wooded hill for two hours in the dark, crawling underneath four fences that had been cut through, and avoiding patrol cars, resulted in her being sentenced to almost three years behind bars.

The Transform Now Plowshares is an effort by people of faith to transform nuclear weapons into real, life-giving alternatives, to build true peace. Inspired by the prophets Micah and Isaiah, Jesus and Gandhi, the Transform Now Plowshares began a symbolic conversion of the Y-12 Highly-Enriched Uranium Manufacturing Facility in Oak Ridge TN on July 28, 2012. Consequently they faced trial and conviction for property damage and were sentenced in February of 2014 to three and five year sentences. An unprecedented appellate court ruling invalidated their sabotage conviction and they were released from prison this past May.

This January members of Transform Now Plowshares will be travelling and speaking in Europe to call attention to the nuclear arms race and to articulate the action they took in 2012 and why it remains important to continue such nonviolent resistance.

The discussion begins at 6.30pm at the Catholic Worker House, 49 Mattison Road, Harringay, London N4 1BG. tel: 0208 348 8212

Pax Christi is also supporting another meeting in Birmingham (with Fr Martin Newell) on 23 January, venue to be confirmed.

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