Alliance of Pro-Life Students host first event in Parliament

L-R: Maria Stopyra, Philip Campbell,  Alithea Williams, Vice-Chair, Jim Dobbin MP, Eve Farren, Ed Smith

L-R: Maria Stopyra, Philip Campbell, Alithea Williams, Vice-Chair, Jim Dobbin MP, Eve Farren, Ed Smith

Last night, the Alliance of Pro-Life Students hosted their first member's event in Parliament, where pro-life politicians, students and recent graduates from across Britain had the chance to connect. In conjunction with APS’ mission and vision this was an opportunity for students to support each other and exchange ideas about how best to promote a positive pro-life ethic on campus.

In a statement, they said: "The university age bracket has one of the highest abortion rates within the demographic, making campus pro-life work all the more vital.

"With the All Party Pro-Life Group (APPLG) kindly providing the Jubilee Room in the Palace of Westminster, and, having just launched APS membership, this was the perfect opportunity for APS’ members to meet each other in person.

"APS' leaders gave short but stirring speeches: Eve Farren (Executive Director) discussed the future of APS and the importance of free speech on campus; Ed Smith (Chairman of the Board of Directors) talked about concrete ways that students can get involved with the organisation; and Isaac Spencer (President of Cardiff Students for Life) reflected on the need for APS, from a student leader’s perspective.

"The success of the event was further fuelled by Lord David Alton and Fiona Bruce MP, who inspired the assembled students by encouraging them to actively defend life, in speeches given on behalf of the All Party Pro-Life Group. Nine members of APPLG attended in total including: Jim Dobbin MP, Jeremy Lefroy MP, Mary Glindon MP, John Glen MP, David Amess MP, Baroness Butler-Sloss and Rob Flello MP."

Lord Alton spoke of the importance of communicating the pro-life message in an accessible way to those who might not have thought through all the issues. He pointed out that while some students might feel they were in favour of abortion, they would object to the idea of abortion on the grounds of sex-selection. The pro-life campaign also includes fighting the legalisation of euthanasia, he said. In countries where euthanasia has become legal, Lord Alton, said, initially there were only a few cases, but after a short time, the number has crept up quickly. In Belgium, he said,  they are now even considering using euthanasia on children with disabilities.

The APS have groups in nine universities currently, and several more groups are set to start up soon.

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