New Catholic newspaper for primary schools

A quarterly newspaper for parents whose children attend Catholic primary schools in the UK is about to be launched by CathCom publishing house. There is also a separate children's newspaper inside every copy. The first issue of CathCom Reach will be out on 1 June 2012.

The idea for the paper was the brainchild of Nick Layton, CathCom Director, and David Mihelic.

Nick explains:  “As a parent it is often difficult to find the time and space amidst our busy schedules to think and talk about the bigger issues of life. Work, shopping, cleaning, laundry and school runs all compete for our time.  Whether we think of ourselves as religious or not, having a child at a Catholic school inevitably raises some of these big questions. Some of the questions we need answers to, simply to help with homework. But some questions are profound thoughts or burning issues that cause something to stir within us. They are questions that we can’t Google, instead they need time, thought and reflection. We want to encourage and support parents and provide the answers to their questions or point them in the direction of where they can get more information”

CathCom Reach is for all parents who send their children to Catholic primary schools regardless of whether they are Church-goers or not. The paper is here to help all parents and the information in the paper will be helpful to all parents, whatever their faith or none.

Edited by journalist Edwina Gillett, the paper will draw on the resources of the Maryvale Institute, Newman University College, Fr Damian Cassidy a Carmelite priest and other guest writers to inform and explain aspects of the Catholic Faith in a simple down to earth and contemporary way . It will include articles on the Catholic Faith, education, parenting, health and well being and the environment as well as current news.

Papers to be delivered to Primary Schools for distribution to parents.

For the first edition, the bulk cost of 300 copies will be £29.95.

For more information or to subscribe,  e-mail:  [email protected]
or visit:

View the June edition:

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