'Don't buy war toys for your children'

Don't buy war toys for your children - that's the message from Pax Christi Queens, a New York - based chapter of the international Catholic peace movement.

In a leaflet they say: "At this time of year, we extend greetings of peace; yet, we are surrounded by violence—in world affairs, on city streets, in entertainment on television and the movies, and even in the toys we give as gifts.

"Let’s mean what we say when we wish people peace.  Let’s listen to our children when they ask for peace.  And let’s start right away with the gifts we give this holiday season.

"Research assures us that children who play with violent toys are more likely than children who don’t to:

• accept violence as a way to resolve conflicts
• behave aggressively toward other children and animals
• negatively stereotype all people who come from a nationality, race, or religion that has been labeled enemy
• romanticize military life, combat, and war.

No one wants this for his or her children, so let’s give them gifts that help make the world they really want and we want for them.  Let’s choose toys that:

• encourage children to use their imaginations to create and build and solve problems
• help them discover and develop their talents
• enable them to learn new skills
• involve cooperation and team-work.

"There are lots from which to choose, and many are inexpensive and don’t require batteries or electricity.  Most have withstood the test of time.  They’re safe, simple, and fun!  Here’s a sample:

Art Supplies, Board Games, Building Blocks, Puzzles, Magic Sets, Science/Nature Kits, Dolls, Puppets, Play-Doh, Books, Music,   Magazine Subscriptions, Bikes, Wagons, Sports Equipment, Lessons in Music, Art, Sports, or the like, Tickets to a Show or Movie  and

BEST of ALL … Your Time.

For more information, visit: www.nypaxchristi.org

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