Disabled people on a mission

 Members of the Disabled Christian fellowship are planning a mission trip to the Holy Land from June 6-17. It will be a holiday, but with a difference. As well as seeing the traditional highlights of the Sea of Galilee, Caesarea and Jerusalem, the group will be based in Bethlehem for a period to bring encouragement and support to the town after the devastation it experienced following the invasion of tanks and troops in October last year. DCF's development officer, Jenny Edwards, said: "We plan to stay in Bethlehem, meeting with local people and bringing much-needed income back into the community by giving work to the hotel and sales to the shops. We'll also be meeting with staff from Bethlehem Bible College and Bethlehem Arab Society for Rehabilitation to learn about their life-changing work with people of all ages who have disabilities." She explained that the college and the rehabilitation centre tell stories of God's miraculous intervention as they reach out to people in the locality and seek to act as Jesus would, to those in need. Both have been overwhelmed by the needs resulting from social conditions over the last few months. However, she said, their work is continuing despite these difficulties. "We must stand by our Christian brothers and sisters at this time when they are suffering" said Jenny. If others would like to join this tour combining the fun of a holiday, the inspiration of visiting the Holy Land and the added dimension of mission, please contact Jenny Edwards at Global House, Ashley Avenue, Epsom KT18 5AD, tel: 01372 737046 e-mail info@throughtheroof.org

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