Westminster Cathedral invites boys to be Chorister for a Day

 Westminster Cathedral and Choir School will be holding their fourth Chorister For A Day event on Saturday 7 February.

The event was started in 2006 following a drop in the number of high-calibre applications for chorister scholarships over recent years and seeks to offer the opportunity of a unique education to a wider group of talented boys in Britain's Catholic community.

"Many people may never have considered the possibility of their son becoming a Cathedral Chorister," said Martin Baker, the Cathedral's master of music. "Chorister For A Day gives everyone an opportunity to see behind the scenes and learn all about the rich and varied life of a chorister, as well as a unique chance for their sons to sing with the world famous Cathedral Choir."

Chaplaincies in London's burgeoning ethnic community including Polish, Filipino, Lithuanian, Iraqi and Nigerian families are particularly encouraged to attend.

While Chorister For A Day is an opportunity for boys from all walks of life to spend a day seeing what it is like to be a chorister in one of the world's most famous choirs, it is also a chance for church music to shrug off its reputation for elitism and promote the meritocratic ethos under which it operates.

Successful entrants to the choir will be offered a substantial scholarship to one of the country's most prestigious prep schools. The school prides itself on operating under the maxim of Cardinal Hume, who said when he established the school in 1976 that no boy should ever be deprived of the opportunity to be a chorister for lack of money. It aims to provide the right opportunities for the right boys.

Chorister For A Day will provide a chance for boys to discover hidden talents and benefit from a musical and academic education they may have believed was out of reach.

Further information about Chorister For A Day is available from Caroline Gill on 07815 776043.

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