Macau: Christians unite for ecumenical carnival and prayer service

 All Christian denominations in Macau, Hong Kong, will be holding a prayer service and carnival this Saturday. After the festival in Leao Senado Square, from 12 noon to 5:30pm, the prayer service takes place in St Domingo's Church. The event is the first time all the churches have worked together and is the culmination of more than nine months of collaboration of twelve Christian communities in Macau, among which are the Roman Catholics, Methodists, Christ Church of China, YMCA, Lutherans, Macau Baptist Church and School, Southern Baptist Mission, Cocordia School for Special Education, the Anglicans, and independent Christian organisations from the Assembly of God and congregational traditions. The first Macau Church Directory, a catalogue of all churches, Christian schools and social service centres will be distributed free to the public. Michael Poon, Convenor of the Carnival, said: "I ask you to stand together with us in prayer. I also ask you to give thanks for those who are willing to participate in the event and stand openly together on the same platform." Source: CoE Comms

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