US: last-minute halt to appointment of openly gay Anglican bishop

 Anglican church leaders in the US postponed their historic vote yesterday on confirming the appointment of the openly-gay Canon Gene Robinson as bishop following the emergence of two allegations against him. One claims he was involved with a website for gay and bisexual youth and another person has made an allegation of 'innapropriate conduct'. Presiding Bishop Frank T Griswold said in a statement: "Questions have been raised and brought to my attention regarding the Bishop-elect of the Diocese of New Hampshire. The Standing Committee and Bishop of New Hampshire, together with the Bishop-elect, Canon Robinson, have asked that a thorough investigation be undertaken before we proceed with seeking the consent of the Bishops with jurisdiction. The investigation will be overseen by the Bishop of Western Massachusetts, the Rt Rev Gordon P Scruton. I will advise the Bishops with jurisdiction as to when we might proceed." The Bishop of New Hampshire Douglas Theuner said he did not know how long the investigation would take. He added that the diocese had 'continued confidence' in Canon Robinson. Source: ACNS

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