Thailand: Father Ray Brennan laid to rest

 Father Raymond Brennan, the founder and former director of the Pattaya Orphanage in Thailand, was laid to rest last Thursday, in Pattaya, Thailand, after a funeral service attended by thousands of people from all walks of life, including many of the children whose lives he had so profoundly and positively affected.

The service for Father Ray, as he was known to all, was held at Pattaya's Catholic church, Saint Nikolaus. It was officiated by the Most Reverend George Phimpisarn, Bishop of the diocese of Udon Thani. The Most Reverend George Phimpisarn is a member of the Redemptorists, as was Father Ray. The service was honoured by the official gift from His Majesty the King of Thailand, of Royal Soil, which was to be buried with Father Ray, and was presented by His Majesty's representatives. Condolences had poured into the Orphanage following Father Ray's death on Saturday, 16 August, at the age of 70, from all over the world.

These came from well known, and not so well known, individuals, all of whom shared a love and respect for Father Ray and the work he had so tirelessly done in his more than 30 years in Pattaya. The funeral service itself saw the church filled to over flowing as people from different backgrounds, religions and nations came to celebrate this man's truly amazing life.

Following the service, Father Ray's body was lowered to his final resting place in a grave in the Church's cemetery, and for over an hour afterwards mourners filed past placing roses on the coffin. For more information and pictures, visit:

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