Vatican worker dies in building accident

 A construction worker involved in maintenance work in St Peter's Square, died this morning after a fall from scaffolding. Joaquin Navarro-Valls, director of the Holy See Press Office, said: "At 10.15 this morning, during maintenance work on structures in St Peter's Square, Constantino Marchionni, 52, fell from mobile scaffolding, about 3.5 meters high, together with a fellow worker. "The latter underwent minor contusions after the fall whereas Marchionni had more serious internal injuries. Notwithstanding the immediate intervention of the emergency medical unit and despite all efforts by the Vatican's health service personnel and those at Santo Spirito hospital, Marchionni died shortly afterwards, without regaining consciousness." Fr Joaquin said: "The Substitute for the Secretariat of State, the secretary general of the Governorate, personnel from the Technical Services Office and the Pontifical Gendarmes, as well as the president of the tribunal of Vatican City State, went immediately to the site of the accident." Source: VIS

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