Iraqi bishop: "The serpent's head has finally been crushed"

 Bishop Rabban al Qas, from the Kurdish region of northern Iraq has described the capture of former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein is a "moment of joy for all Iraqis" signalling the beginning of "peaceful rebuilding" of the country with the help of a "liberating" military presence. He told PIME, the Italian missionary organisation: "The serpent's head has been finally crushed." Bishop al Qas, 54, who is recuperating in hospital after being injured in an explosion, said: "During the months of allied occupation, people continued living with their past fear that Saddam was everywhere... 9 April was the day of our political liberation. But only as of today, there is freedom of spirit." Bishop al Qas said he thought the downfall of Saddam would lead to the end of Al-Quaeda. He said: "Al-Qaeda was able to plan attacks in Iraq thanks to the Iraqis that guided them. But now for whom will these Iraqis work? Who will pay them now that Saddam has been arrested?" Bishop al Qas said that even if Saddam Hussein is evil, "his dignity must be respected". But he said Saddam needs to confess his crimes, to admit he killed and had killed millions of people. "Even Christian forgiveness presupposes confession and atonement." Source:

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