Letters from around the globe

 The ICN letters page is usually the last thing to get updated - because of time limitations - but we've had such interesting ones lately - I felt they deserved some space in the news - Jo From Orkney Just discovered your site - it is great. We are a small community in the Orkney Isles. On Sunday there are about 550 people on the island and six Catholics who meet on Sunday to celebrate an Eucharistic service. Our parish priest comes over about once a month. We have a room reserved in our house as a chapel - The Sacred Heart Chapel. Our former bishop Mario Conti has allowed us to reserve the Blessed Sacrament in our chapel. We are blessed. Both my wife and I are Eucharistic ministers therefore we are allowed to have an Eucharist service here. We normally have six people coming to our service, but when the priest comes over we have a few more, non-Catholic. Also the Church of Scotland Minster comes. We receive our newsletter via E-mail from our mother church in Kirkwall - Our Lady and St Joseph - which is about 30 miles away and is a 12 minute journey by plane or one and a half hours by ferry - and of course there is nothing on a Sunday. Maurice From Papua New Guinea Greetings to you from Vanimo, Papua New Guinea. Hearty Congratulations and thanks to you for the wonderful things you are doing. I read about you and your news agency from the Bible Alive, February 2004. Please send me the Catholic news in summary by email. Thank you so much God bless Fr. Siby - finally a very sad letter from Zambia. Please write to Isaac if you can. Dear ICN I am a prisoner on Death Row and a Catholic born child now 50 years old. The situation here is not good. I am eating one cup of porridge and half a cup of beans each day. No sauce. Healthcare is not good. But we are lucky to have time to worship our Almighty God, writing letters and receiving mail. We don't have a computer but one servant of God in the UK gave me a subscription to Bible Alive and so I read about your news service. There is no computer but I wonder if your news service is also published on paper and you could send it to me. I hope in the near future your work could be food for my spiritual breakfast. Isaac M Chisoko, c/o Fr Benny Bohan, Bwacha Catholic Parish, PO Box 80613, Kabwe, Zambia.

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