Nuns track down stolen picture

 Two German nuns have managed to recover a picture of Our Lady that was stolen from their hospital chapel in Berlin. Sister Georgia and Sister Isabelle belong to the order running the St Francis hospital began their own investigations even though they alerted police. "Many people, including us, prayed in front of this picture every day", Sister Georgia said. "Although we had called the police we didn't want to rely on them alone. We wanted to do something ourselves to get our picture back", she explained. The sisters searched markets in the city and as they were about to give up their hunt, they found a man offering the picture they were looking for. When he demanded 500 Euros for the work, the nuns duped him by saying while they didn't carry money with them, they would phone their order and request the money be brought along. Instead, they called police, who arrived at the man's stall shortly afterwards. The police are considering charging him with handling stolen goods but the sisters said they were just happy to have their picture back.

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