Holy Land: Christian hospital damaged in army raid

 St Luke's Hospital and St Philip's Church and Rectory, in Nablus were damaged in a raid by Israeli army on January 18, Nancy Dinsmore from the Anglican Diocese of Jerusalem Development Office reports. The Israeli military forces began an incursion into Nablus at 10.30pm and continued until early morning. They destroyed a four-story building near the hospital, which badly affected the hospital compound and buildings. St Philip's Church and rectory are located just minutes away and they were also damaged, as well as many other buildings in the immediate area. The damages to the hospital compound included the loss of many windows, and damage to electrical heating, lighting and medical equipment. A bullet entered a room in the women's ward, breaking the window and damaging the walls. Nancy said: "This is occurring in a time when the world is turning its attention to peace making between Palestine and Israel. "Please keep the people of the St Luke's and St Philip's community in your thoughts and prayers, as well as all the people of the region." Source: Amos Trust

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