Zimbabwe: new Bible in Shona expected soon

 Christians of different churches in Zimbabwe are eagerly awaiting a new Bible in the Shona language. The Zimbabwe-based Jesuit Communications said the text is being typeset in Nairobi, Kenya. "A staff member of Bible House is going to Nairobi to assist in the process," Jesuit Communications said on Friday, in its publication, Intouch with Church and Faith. "The printing will be done in China or South Korea, which are offering the most favourable terms. Also Brazil was considered. There are still problems about raising the necessary foreign currency. It is hoped that the new Shona Bible will become available before the end of the year." The publication said that the old version, Bhaibheri rinoera, of 1979, "which contained so many faults and omissions that a completely new translation became necessary" is still being reprinted, due to a great demand. An ecumenical team that included the Catholic priest Fr Ignatius Chidavaenzi of Chinhoyi Diocese worked for many years to come up with proper translation. Source: CISA

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