American churches urge Obama to make Israel-Palestine peace a priority

Churches for Middle East Peace, an alliance of Catholic, Evangelical, Orthodox and Protestant churches in America is sending a letter to President-elect Obama urging him to make Israeli-Palestinian peace an immediate priority during his first year in office.   

In a statement CMEP said: "On the campaign trail, Obama promised to work for peace between Israel and the Palestinians from the beginning of his Administration, but he faces many competing priorities and pressing global challenges.  He needs to hear from American Christians now that Holy Land peace cannot be postponed and that we will support his diplomatic leadership."  

"The work for a durable Israeli-Palestinian peace will not be easy, but the risk of inaction is far greater.  Without active US engagement, achievement of a two-state solution will become even more difficult.  A further delay of peace will also mean continued emigration of the Christian community in the Holy Land.  

Especially at this time of year, when we anticipate the miracle of Christmas, we know that nothing is impossible with God.  Jerusalem can become a powerful symbol of hope and coexistence for the region and the world.

To view the full letter and list of prominent signatories and to add your name, go to: .    


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