St Mawes

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Bishop. According to tradition, St Mawes was the 5th century founder and patron of the fishing village near Falmouth in Cornwall, which bears his name.

He is associated with the Celtic St Budoc. Legend says they were both Welsh monks and founded monasteries in Cornwall and Brittany. St Mawes is also known as St Maudé, (in French) Maudet (in Gaelic), Maodez and Modez (in Breton).

He had a reputation for being a fine teacher. He was invoked against headaches, snakebite and worms.

About 60 churches in Brittany are dedicated to him. His relics were venerated at Quimper, Treguier, Lesneven and other places - especially Bourges which claimed his body was translated there during the Viking invasions.