Kenya: Sisters call for a day of prayer for peace

 The Association of Sisterhoods of Kenya (AOSK) has proposed that this Saturday, August 6, be observed as a Day of Prayer and Fasting following increased insecurity in Kenya's northern parts. The latest incidents in mid-July 2005 resulted in the deaths of a hundred people, among them Bishop Luigi Locati, the Apostolic Vicar of Isiolo. "We are horrified by the recent terrible events that have been happening in the North of our country, and by the growing insecurity everywhere. As a sign of our solidarity with those who have recently suffered the loss of Bishop Locati, and the loss of family members, friends and associates, we would like to propose to all of our AOSK members and their communities [to observe] August 6 as a day of prayer and fasting," the AOSK told CISA in a statement signed by its Chairlady Sr Mary Paul Wamatu CPS. The AOSK invites all to join them, expressing their support and counting on all "Justice and Peace Commissions to continue searching for ways to bring an end to these atrocities." The AOSK requests that this information is spread as far as possible beyond communities -"to all people of good will". Source: CISA

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