Kenya: Catholic Church condemns attack on Christian radio station

 Archbishop John Njue, chairman of the Kenya Episcopal Conference, has condemned an attack on a Christian radio station in Nairobi, in which one person was killed and two others injured. The Archbishop said in a statement: "The Catholic Church regrets the loss of life and property witnessed during the attack on Hope FM station where one person was killed and two others fatally injured on the night of Friday May 12, 2006. This is most horrifying and shocking, especially coming at a time when similar incidents have evoked nationwide anger and discomfort. An attack on such an establishment, which is also a religious radio station, is therefore most appalling and detestable. This heinous act must be condemned by all. "We wish to join our brothers and sisters in condemning this unnecessary affront to individual and press freedom. Such cases only help to put to question our maturity as a nation and civility as a community among nations. Political, religious or even social intolerance to alternative and or variant positions of opinion or otherwise must not be allowed to cloud our sense of respect for others and their property. "While we await the outcome of investigations into this matter, we wish to reiterate that the freedom of all Kenyans to expression and opinion is guaranteed by the constitution. We urge for thorough and swift investigations into this raid and apprehension of the perpetrators, while appealing to those who hold diverse or dissimilar opinions from others to seek solace in the other individual's right to express theirs and utilize more civil means to address such dissimilarity, if need be." Source: CISA

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