Vigils to mark anniversary of Zimbabwe's Operation Drive Out Trash

 This Saturday, the churches in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, are planning to hold a procession through the city to mark the first anniversary of Operation Drive Out Trash, or 'Murambatsvina, in which the homes and businesses of many thousands of people were bulldozed to the ground by the government. Protests and prayer vigils are also planned in other parts of Zimbabwe to mark the anniversary. Demolitions and arbitrary street arrests are continuing in Zimbabwe. The Telegraph reported yesterday that 10,000 street children in Harare had been detained pending relocation to rural areas. In London a sympathy demonstration will take place outside the Zimbabwean High Commission in the Strand on Saturday from 2 - 6pm. Washinton Ali, Chair of the MDC-UK (part of the Vigil Coalition) urges all opposed to Murambatsvina to attend the Vigil. He also advises that MDC President, Morgan Tsvangirai, will be addressing supporters at a meeting in London on Sunday, 28 May at a venue to be announced.

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