Aid agencies tell Mandelson 'Not in Our Name'

 The Scottish Catholic aid and development agency SCIAF, as part of a coalition of over 70 European organisations is publicly telling Trade Commissioner Peter Mandelson, that he is not acting in the name of civil society in the EU. In an open letter published today in the Financial Times, they will challenge the EU's trade policy on development, jobs and the environment. The letter which also addresses Member States' Governments asserts that current anti-development policies lack legitimacy. Paul Chitnis, SCIAF Chief Executive, said: "The EU can and should prioritise development, especially at this crucial stage with the deadline of the Doha Round of trade talks fast approaching. Current negotiations represent the last chance for a consensus to be reached that will benefit the 1.2 billion who live on less than $1 per day. Until the EU addresses the imbalances in the current trade system, its destructive policies will increase poverty and environmental destruction across the world. "

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