Holy Father to visit tomb of St Augustine

 Pope Benedict plans to visit the tomb of one of the Church's greatest teachers, St Augustine of Hippo on April 21-22. The Diocese of Pavia reported that the Pope will land by helicopter in Vigevano stadium and then travel across the city by popemobile to the archbishop's palace. That evening there will Mass in the Ducal Square, with a capacity for about 5,000 people. A large screen will be set up in the adjacent square for the overflow. Afterwards the Pontiff will visit the Cathedral of St Ambrose, where he will meet volunteer workers and people with disabilities. The next day he will travel to Pavia, visiting a hospital, celebrating Mass and meeting university students and teachers before going to the Church of St Peter where he will pray before the tomb of St Augustine. The Pope will return to Rome that night. St Augustine, who died in 430, was the topic of the Holy Father's doctoral thesis entitled: "People and House of God in St Augustine's Doctrine of the Church." Source: VIS

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