Caritas Jerusalem holds fun day for disabled

 Caritas Jerusalem held a Fun Day for children and young people with disabilities in Gaza recently. The day took place in coordination with the National Association for the Physically Challenged in Gaza. The venue for the fun day was the Caritas Jerusalem Gaza Health Centre in Al Shati Camp in Northern Gaza. The event began at 10am and lasted for three hours. Fifty disabled children took part in the program. There was a selection of food, plays, songs, magic and presents. The fun day hoped to encourage the disabled to use their talents and skills. At the end of the day, gifts were given to all in attendance. This day has been made possible through the generous support of Caritas Spain and Caritas Zaragoza. Their support was particularly helpful in that a bus was secured and traveled throughout Gaza to bring the physically challenged young people to the event. This helped more people to participate in the event due to the situation of families in Gaza where overwhelming poverty is suffocating all segments of the population. Unfortunately, the most vulnerable groups such as the sick, elderly, the physically challenged, the chronically poor and those households who have no breadwinner, are suffering the most. The social workers in attendance commented that this day boosted the psychological outlook of those physically challenged children. It also gives them hope to know that they are not forgotten as well as works to help these youngsters feel like they are just like any others in the society. You could see the happiness on the faces of all the children during the three hours they spent with Caritas. For that time, they were able to enjoy some fun and games in the very hard situation, which is currently daily life here.

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