USA: Catholic Bishop blesses new Episcopalian Bishop in interfaith ceremony

 The new tenth Episcopal Bishop of Nevada, Right Reverend Dan Thomas Edwards, was blessed by a Catholic Bishop, a Hindu chaplain, Muslim Imam, Jewish Rabbi, Bahai leader, Baptist minister, and a Native American faith leader at the chapel of Bishop Manogue Catholic High School in Reno. Starting with Most Reverend Randolph Calvo, Bishop of Catholic Diocese of Reno; other leaders who blessed the Episcopal Bishop included Buddhist Priest Reverend William Bartlett, Jewish Rabbi Elizabeth Beyer, Hindu chaplain Rajan Zed, Imam of Northern Nevada Muslim Community Abdul Barghouthi, Bahai leader Trip Barthel, Reverend Onie Cooper of Second Baptist Church, and Native American faith leader Reynalda James. While Rajan Zed read blessing Sanskrit shlokas from oldest existing scripture Rig-Veda, composed around 1,500 BCE, Reynalda James brought special water from Pyramid Lake to bless Bishop Edwards. Some of these leaders of various faiths embraced the new Bishop, while others shook hands with him welcoming him to Nevada and wishing him best in his mission. His wife Linda, a law professor at Mercer, watched, along with the congregation. Bishop Edwards was rector of St Francis Episcopal Church in Macon Georgia before coming to Nevada. He has been a lawyer, has studied at Harvard Divinity School, and worked with the homeless in New York. The Episcopal Church, with headquarters in New York and founded in 1789, has over 2.3 million members in over 73 thousand parishes in the USA. Members profess two of the ancient Christian creeds: the Apostle's Creed and the Nicene Creed. It sponsors eleven accredited seminaries and there are eight Episcopal colleges and one university in USA and two overseas colleges. Source: Episcopalian Church

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