Zimbabwe: Mugabe calls for peace at funeral of Susan Tsvangirai

 The funeral of Susan Tsvangirai, wife of Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, was held yesterday at Malbereign Methodist Church in Harare, attended by politicians, diplomats and family.

In his homily, Rev Joseph Muwanzi reminded President Mugabe that his party's supreme organ, the Politburo, decides who should be accorded national hero status. But the priest noted that ultimately it is God who will judge all our actions by deciding after our burial who should go to heaven or hell.

In his tribute Pastor Kampira said: "God works in mysterious ways. He has brought together former rivals, we should rejoice."

President Mugabe also gave a speech from the pulpit. Speaking in a low voice very different from his usual political harangues, he said: "We have many followers. So many have lost their lives. Gone should be the days of violence. Many words have been exchanged before - some harsh and ugly."

Away from the church service, 15,000 MDC supporters that thronged a stadium for a rally to honour Mrs Tsvangirai. Tendai Biti - a close ally of Mr Tsvangirai - paid tribute to Mrs Tsvangerai, saying she had been a pillar of strength to her husband. "She provided the food, the comfort and attention throughout his treason trial and assassination attempt," Mr Biti said. "Throughout his stay in detention in prisons, she is the one who provided the food," he said. On hearing of Mrs Tsvangirai's death, Mr Biti said he was so shocked that he "couldn't feel the pain". "She was the mother to our struggle, who mothered and breastfed that struggle. She was there when we were beaten up, assaulted."

Susan Tsvangirai's funeral took place on her husband's 57th birthday.

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