Great little books on St Theresa and St Francis

 Great little books on St Theresa and St Francis

A Little Book of Therese of Lisieux - Columba Press ISBN -1- 85607 - 373-4
A Little Book of Francis of Assisi - Columba Press ISBN - 1- 85607 - 374-2

These two little books from Columba Press are real gems - and I should think will feature highly on Catholic shopping lists this Christmas.

Complied and introduced by Don Mullan, each contains a brief history of the saint, followed by a series of short quotations, prayers and meditations, under different headings. Published in this simple format they capture the essence of these saints, providing a profound insight into their thinking and offering the reader much food for thought and reflection.

While some quotes will be familiar - there are some lesser-known ones too. In the book on St Therese, under the heading: 'Priests and Religious' St Theresa says: 'I feel in me the vocation of the priest. With what love O Jesus, I would carry you in my hands, when, at my voice, you would come down from heaven. And with what love would I give you to souls! But alas! While desiring to be a priest, I admire and envy the humility of St Francis of Assisi and I feel the vocation of imitating him in refusing the sublime dignity of the priesthood.'

Under Charity and Discernment: St Francis says: 'Where there is charity and wisdom, there is neither fear nor ignorance. Where there is patience and humility there is neither anger not disturbance.'

Both books should be available in the shops now. You can also buy them on-line from the Columba Press at:

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