Christians plan rally outside parliament during HFE debate

Christians of all denominations are coming to Westminster today for a lunchtime prayer rally to coincide with MPs debating the final states of the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill (HFE Bill) and changes to the abortion laws.

From 1-2pm, many Christians are expected to focus their prayers on the contentious issues contained in the new Bill, including  so called 'designer babies' , animal human hybrid embryos.

The event in Old Palace Yard, Westminster, has been organised by Christian Concern For Our Nation and members of the public are welcome to attend.

Andrea Minichiello Williams, Barrister and founder of CCFON, who has been working to promote positive amendments to the Bill said: "We will be praying that God will have mercy on this nation and allow amendments limiting the loss of human life to be passed.  We will also pray that abortion law will not be liberalised and that the Abortion Act will not be extended to Northern Ireland, and that the tide will turn and the worst aspects of this Bill brought down."

CCFON believes that following last weekend's media coverage of the issue, members of the public have real fears about this legislation, and that Parliament is largely out of step with public opinion. Sensing this CCFON believes the Leader of the House of Commons, Harriet Harman MP, is expected to table a motion limiting the amount of time allotted to the debate on the Bill so that no votes will be cast about the issue of abortion at all.  This will mean that the abortion law would not be further liberalised.

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