Signpost weekend for young adults

Are you undecided about what subjects to study or what career path to choose? How you want to live? Then a Signpost weekend might be a useful step.

Signposts is running a weekend course in making good life choices on April 22nd - 23rd 2017, at Savio House in Cheshire in the foothills of the Peak District. This is skills based training in discernment that makes no assumptions about the participants with regard to faith. The weekend will offer a model of making decisions and leave participants with a tool kit for choice based on the broad spiritual and psychological wisdom of the Christian tradition.

Young adults face far more choices and uncertainties than their parents. Work, relationships and culture are all in a time of significant change. At the same time the stability of long term work and family life is under threat. Young adults need to keep flexible, ready to adapt and change. They need to know where they want to go, who they want to be and how they can live a meaningful life. Signposts helps to respond to those needs.

The Signposts project is run by the Salesian Religious Order. Cost: £40 concessions are available.

Please visit for further information and for booking forms.

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