Iraq: At least 100 places of worship destroyed by IS/Daesh in Nineveh Plain

Gutted by fire - Church of the Virgin Mary, Mosul

Gutted by fire - Church of the Virgin Mary, Mosul

A new report due to be published shortly, shows that at least 100 places of worship have been vandalized or completely demolished in the territories of Mosul and Nineveh Province since June 2014, when IS/Darsh imposed their rule in that region.

The report is being complied by the Commission on Crimes Committed by IS/Daesh, with information collected by the Kurdish Peshmerga troops who have been liberating the area from the Jihadists.

Mariwan Naqshbandi, spokesman for the Ministry of Religious Affairs of the Autonomous Region of Iraqi Kurdistan, said the document highlights that most of the destroyed or damaged religious sites are Christian churches, but a number of Yazidi temples and places of worship belonging to other religious minorities have also been destroyed or badly vandalised.

The Commission is also collecting data on other crimes committed by IS/Daesh - in particular their violence against women, especially Yazidi women - during the occupation.

Source: Fides

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