New publication: 'Church of the poor'

Pope Francis has said that he wants "a poor Church, for the poor". But what does it actually mean to be a Church of and for the poor? Here in the UK, are our churches - of all traditions - doing enough to stand in solidarity with people in poverty?

Church Action on Poverty's new publication 'Church of the Poor?' was launched last week to explore that question and call our Churches to do more. Hundreds of people have already downloaded or ordered it, and it's sparking excited debate on social media.

Do we really believe that God can be found at the margins; do we really believe in a countercultural church of and for the poor; are we prepared to let go of our own power? We hope you'll read our call to action, and reflect on all of these questions in your own church or community.

Read or download 'Church of the Poor?' now at:

Source: Church Action on Poverty


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