Film preview: Miracles from Heaven

Christy Beam (Jennifer Garner) enjoys a picture-perfect life in Texas with her husband Kevin (Martin Henderson) and their three daughters. Every Sunday the Beams go to church and hear sermons about a God who loves them. Given all of the blessings they enjoy, this is easy to believe.

But then middle daughter Annabelle (Kylie Rogers) starts complaining of mysterious stomach pains, and life takes a frightening turn. While medical professionals shrug their shoulders and Annabelle's symptoms get worse, Christy struggles not to lose hope. Even Pastor Scott (John Carroll Lynch), the trusted leader of their church, can't offer a satisfying answer to Christy's desperate question: 'Why would a loving God let Annabelle suffer the way she has?'

Miracles from Heaven (in UK cinemas June 10th) is based on the experiences of the real Beam family, and it's impossible to watch the film without caring deeply about what happens to them. We see Christy and Kevin having different - and equally understandable - responses to their tough situation. While Kevin quietly trusts that everything will work out, Christy fiercely fights her daughter's corner, and wrestles with her faith. It's a thought-provoking look at the workings of a marriage, and at the value of perseverance in the face of impossible odds.

The Beams' story is eventually transformed by a turn of events which can only be called miraculous. But, as Christy realises, it's actually the small 'miracles'
along the way which have been the most precious to the family. From the doctor who cares for Annabelle above and beyond the call of duty (Eugenio Derbez) to the kind stranger who steps in to befriend them (Queen Latifah), to the care of their church community, God has been showing his hand all along.

Miracles from Heaven raises questions about the way we see the world, both in good times and hard times. There are no easy answers or quick fixes when it comes to questions of suffering - but we might just find God's comfort and encouragement where we least expect it.

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