Please reinstate hover boarding priest

To: Bishops Conference of the Philippines

Dear Fathers,

I was concerned to hear that Father Albert San Jose has been suspended from his parish after hover boarding round the church singing to his parishioners following the Christmas Eve Midnight Mass.

While perhaps not the most dignified thing to do, Fr Albert sang quite well, and this did take place at the end of the Mass - not before. It was Christmas Eve, when lots of children would be excitedly waiting to get home to open their presents. In a good parish there is a often a gentle party atmosphere after the celebration of Mass - especially on a feast like Christmas. Fr Albert was just contributing to that happy feeling. How can we not feel full of joy when we are celebrating the Incarnation of Our Lord Jesus!

I'm sure the children and young adults in that parish love Fr Albert and it seems a shame to punish what looked like an expression of happiness.

There have been saints that danced, sang or even juggled in front of the altar.

Here in London we have a group of 'cool' Franciscan friars who travel about the East End of London in their habits on roller skates - in between ministering to the elderly, the homeless and young people.

Please reinstate Fr Albert as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely

Josephine Siedlecka


Independent Catholic News


NOTE - We have just received this response.

Dear Ms. Siedlecka,

Peace in the Lord!

We acknowledge receipt of your email.

We will bring your concern to the attention of the Bishop of Fr. Albert San Jose.

In Christ,

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