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Philippines: Priest suspended for using hoverboard at end of Mass

Screen shot

Screen shot

A young Filipino priest has been suspended for gliding round his church on a hoverboard, singing a Christmas carol at the end of Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve. The congregation clapped and cheered, but, after a film of the event went viral on Youtube, San Pablo Diocese issued a statement saying that Father Albert San Jose of Biñan in Laguna province had been suspended from parish duties.

"He will be out of the parish and will spend some time to reflect on this past event," the Diocese said.

It added that the Mass "is not a personal celebration where one can capriciously introduce something to get the attention of the people.. The Eucharist demands utmost respect and reverence. It is the memorial of the Lord's Sacrifice. It is the source and summit of Christian life."

The statement said Fr Albert has has acknowledged his actions were not right and promised it will not happen again.

Comments on the film have been mixed - ranging from some who found Fr Albert's behaviour blasphemous and shocking to others who said he was "cool", and praised his efforts to bring some extra Christmas cheer to the end of Mass.

See the film here:


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