Madagascar: French nun murdered

An elderly French missionary sister was killed in the village of  Mandritsara in the north-east of Madagascar,  on 1 March. Sister Marie Emmanuel Helesbeux, 82, was attacked by three people who hit her with a stick and then strangled her. Three people have been arrested and confessed to the crime.

Fr Luca Treglia, Director of Radio Don Bosco in Antananarivo said it seems they owed the owed her money. The killing has caused an outpouring of emotion in the community.

Fr Luca said: "Upon hearing of the death of Sister Marie Emmanuel people took to the streets wanting to get justice. The religious was much loved and respected in Mandritsara for her works of charity. The authorities have appealed for calm. "

Sister Marie Emmanuel Helesbeux of the Soeurs de la Providence (also known as 'Soeurs de Saint Therese d'Avesnes) was 82 years old, 42 of which she spent on mission in Mandritsara, Madagascar.

Source: Fides

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