Paschal Uche on Heart to Heart

Paschal Uche with Pope Benedict

Paschal Uche with Pope Benedict

Premier Heart to Heart - the free monthly e-magazine and podcast for Catholics published by Premier Radio is out today. This month's edition includes an interview with Paschal Uche – the young man who met Pope Benedict during his visit to London in 2010 -  speaks about his faith and work since that momentous day. There's also a feature on Fr Kawas, a Jesuit priest from Haiti who gives a first-hand account of how the island country is coping three years after the quake.

In John Pantry's programme, Bishop Seamus Cunningham from the Diocese of Hexham and Newcastle speaks about his faith journey. Former City lawyer Adrian Likorish discusses his new book published by CTS 'Reasons to Believe' . Listen to Adrian share his experience of working in the City and witnessing to his Christian faith. The purpose of his first book is to explain in layman’s terms that there is a God and he shares reasons to believe in the existence of God whilst also helping other Christians to have a handy resource to help them share their faith.

This month's magazine also includes a feature on Ten Ten Theatre, the vibrant young Catholic theatre company which works with more than 80,000 children and young people  around the UK each year.

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