Vatileaks computer analyst convicted

View from St Peters - pic ICN

View from St Peters - pic ICN

A Vatican court has convicted a Holy See computer technician of helping the former papal butler access confidential papal documents. Claudio Sciarpelletti, 48, received a two month suspended sentence on Saturday for his part in the leak of information which formed the core of an Italian journalist's book alleging corruption in high ranks of the Vatican bureaucracy.

Last month, the papal butler Paolo Gabriele, was convicted in a separate trial for the theft of the documents from the papal apartment. He is now serving an 18-month prison sentence in Vatican City.

Gabriele and Sciarpelletti are the only Vatican employees to be formally investigated in the case. Vatican press officer Fr Federico Lombardi told reporters after the verdict that investigations are continuing, but he did not say whether there were any more suspects.

Judge Giuseppe Dalla Torre cited Sciarpelletti's long years of service at the Vatican and ordering the criminal conviction not to appear on his record.

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