London: doctor speaks on plight of Palestinian civilians

St Martin in the Fields - image ICN

St Martin in the Fields - image ICN

An Anglican doctor who has seen the impact of violence and war on Palestinian civilians in the Lebanon and Gaza will be speaking at St Martin in the Fields, Trafalgar Square on Monday, 18 April from 6-6.30pm.

Dr Swee Angwas born in Penang and grew up and became a  Christian in Singapore. She is now Consultant Orthopaedic and  Trauma Surgeon at Barts and the Royal London Hospital. Shocked  by the suffering of the war victims in Lebanon in 1982, Swee  volunteered her service to them.

She witnessed and survived the Sabra and Shatilla massacre that year. From that point began 28  years of involvement with the Palestinians in Lebanon and Gaza.

She  is a founding member and patron of Medical Aid for Palestinians. Dr  Swee talks from first hand experience about the impact of war and violence on civilians. After the talk there will be Holy Communion service in the Dick Sheppard Chapel.

Throughout Passion Week and Holy Week, Terry Duffy’s ‘Victim No Resurrection’ a four metre high cross will be suspended above the altar at St Martin's.  This controversial and thought-provoking art work is the articulation of all those who cry out against the violence of our world.

Source: MAP/St Martin in the Fields

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