London: Masses at Farm Street for people of Japan

Fr Satoru Kato

Fr Satoru Kato

Fr Satoru Kato, who studied theology with the Jesuits at Heythrop College, University of London, has contacted Farm Street Church in London to express his gratitude for the support it is giving the Japanese community.

Up to three dozen Japanese regularly celebrate Mass at the church.  This Sunday (20 March), all Masses will be offered for the Catholic Church in Japan and all the people there, especially those have been seriously affected by the recent disaster.  There will also be special collections.

"We are delighted at your kindest thoughts and most prayerful support," writes Fr Kato, a former Anglican priest who is preparing for ordination for the Saitama diocese. "We in Maebashi and in Tokyo are all safe and well, but quite a few churches with their priests and congregations might have perished together.  We may have to face the worst outcomes in the near future once all the outcomes will have finally been unfolded."

Fr Kato says he will tell his congregation in Maebashi about the Farm Street Masses this coming Sunday. "Could you convey our heartfelt gratitude to your congregation at Farm Street Church for their continued support? We would be grateful if you could continue to pray for us."

Source: Jesuit Communications

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